School shooting

I don’t know where to start, I’m so angry right now!

How can a man go into a school and shoot children? How is it possible for me to understand that? The guy clearly had issues, but shooting innocent children? Nothing has ever improved by killing a child!

But, the thing that makes me even more angry, is when the pompuos bastard Bryan Fisher states that “God didn’t protect the children because he’s a gentleman!” According to Fisher, god has been told the last 50 years that he’s not welcome in schools, so he stays away when needed. “All-loving, caring, father” my ass! If god reacts like that, he’s like a five year old who doesn’t get candy for dinner!

Bryan Fisher, can you, hand on heart, tell me that you really believe these children would still be alive if the schools still had prayer? That you don’t see anything fishy with that statement? That your so-called benign god, who is “eternal” say: “Fuck it! I’m not welcome, so let them get shot!” after a mere 50 years? (The worst part is, I think he would look me straight in the eye, and say this without blinking!)

Well, if you can say that, I can say this: Fuck your god! A god like that isn’t even worth a fraction of a thought!


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