The Road To Hell…

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, I don’t believe in hell, but sometimes I think the buddhists are right: Hell is here on Earth!

In Pakistan, and other societies with a fundamentalistic muslim foundation, parents kill and maim their children (mostly their daughters) because the child has “dishonored” the family. Like in this story:

15 year old daughter held down by the mother, while the father pours acid over her. 70% of her body was burned, and still they waited around 24 hours to bring her to the hospital. Needless to sat, the girl died. Her crime? She had been seen talking with a young man…

Honor! Killing your daughter will never be a honorable thong to do. Ever! Nor will pouring acid over her be. Nor stoning her for kissing a young man on the cheek.

Actually, even if your daughter screws the football team, while streaming it online, there will be no honor in killing her! You just don’t maim or kill your daughter!!

Note: I’m not saying all pakistani, or muslim parents kill their daughters! Nor that all muslims think it’s right.


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