Teaching children


The text on the picture is as far as I know an actual christian saying. And, to be frank, it’s one I agree with, except I see it from the other side, so to speak.

Don’t teach your children myths like christianity, islam, and such, but teach them how to become interested in learning, and to do research when someone claims something to be a fact.

My parents thaught me both christianity and research, and also how to decide for myself what I believe after having done the research. Never to take anything for gospel (pun intended) before researching it, made me an atheist.

I don’t think that was my parents intention, but it was what happened.


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2 responses to “Teaching children”

  1. amandacocaine says :

    I’m a ways away from being a parent (given there are no “accidents”) and as a newly identified atheist, I wonder how raising children will be different than how I was raised. My parents were very religious, but when a loved one died, I was told they went to heaven. My brothers and I were raised to believe and as I grew older I became more inquisitive, curious, and skeptical. Thanks for this post. When I have children, I plan to raise them to make their own decisions regarding religion and other beliefs.

    • Kristian says :

      Yeah, that is my plan as well. I don’t plan having children, but if I do they’ll get an upbringing that teaches them to question everything.

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