Social media – a good idea, but…

I am sure you’ve got a Facebook account. Perhaps you’re on Twitter as well, and Instagram (and the new InstaWeather), Tumblr, Keek, and whatever they’re called. You have to, in order to keep up, right?

Do you remember life before Facebook? Me neither… I think it might’ve been less kittens and babies back then. At least in my life. I didn’t know what old friends had for dinner before I added them in Instagram, and who knows how I learned about new developements in photography before Twitter?

You see, social media takes up a lot of my time! I just have to check the atheist groups on Facebook, and let’s not forget about what obscure roller derby leagues in Brazil did yesterday (I don’t read Portuguese, but they sometimes add photos!), and sometimes there are cool photos in the Model Mayhem Facebook group! Inspiration!

Farmville is a chapter of itself! I was playing, then I got bored, but I still felt I had to harvest, and visit my friends farms. Then I got sick of it, but still had to log in. My crops couldn’t wither now could it? Finally, I stopped playing, only to get emails trying to lure me back. It’s now one of several blocked Facebook games!

My friendlist on Facebook is huge! I’ve soon got 1000 friends, even if the newspaper tell me that people don’t like that other people have more than a couple of hundred, max. “People with more than 200 friends on Facebook are pretentious, and there’s no way they know them all in real life!

Well, I don’t know them all, or let me rephrase: I have met all, but I don’t really know all of them. Around 350 are roller derby people. 200 are photographers, models, and makeup artists. 300 are friends of friends, and other people I don’t mind meeting once a while. The rest are co-workers, good friends, and family. As long as you don’t post racist crap, or other weird shit, I’ll keep you on my friends list.

The latest fad is SnapChat. It’s hillarious! You send photos, or videos, that will be shown for one to ten seconds once, and that’s it. You’d think people would try it a few times, and then give up, but no. They snap a lot! One of my friends snaps at least 20 times a day. She’s good looking, so I don’t mind (tounge in cheek there!)
My German friend, currently living in Norway snaps Norwegian nature. I guess he’s amazed, and doesn’t understand that it’s what I’ve seen for 38 years now. Another guy always snaps his alcohol – and it’s almost every day! Is he an alcoholic? I don’t know, and I don’t care. Yet another guy snaps all the sexy girls he meets when he’s out drinking (also very often), while others snap their food. (Food? It’s for Instagram, not SnapChat!!)

Yeah, Instagram is full of food, and children. Instaweather is full of sunny days, Facebook is full of awesome shit people have done, and it looks like nobody has a crap day anymore.

Keek – I’m sure you haven’t heard about it – is a place where you get up to 36 seconds of video, where people tell everybody else how cool they are. I film my feet as I walk, that’s it. (Find me on keek as SteelToed.) Yeah, I know – I’m a rebel!

Oh, and hashtags!! #nomakeup is my favourite. Girls having spent hours making up their face so it looks like they didn’t do a #selfie with #nomakeup and #nofilter. Bollocks! False advertising! And again, I don’t care!

Social media is here to stay, and I guess it will only make us dumber! He said knowingly, on his blog – another social media!


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