Trying something new – vegetarian dinner week

I’m trying to mainain a healthy life. That’s why I work out (both in a gym, and as a roller derby referee), I try not to eat to much candy (but I fail miserably, as I love candy!), and I try to avoid pre-made food, pre-processed food, and “tv trays”. (And I avoid places like McDonald’s and Burger King!).

This week, I’ve decided to go vegetarian, at least for dinner. Monday I had chickpea and spinach burgers (with a bit of lime juice, it makes them awesome), and yesterday I had vegetarian tacos. (Bean stew instead of minced meat.) Today, I’m opting for a stir fry, with noodles.

Why vegetarian, and not vegan, you might ask. Well, I have made vegan food earlier, and it’s good, but with this weeks work schedule, I don’t have the time to think too much when it comes to a balanced vegan diet, so I’ve gone vegetarian. Thus, while I don’t eat meat, fish, or foul this week, I’ll use diary products, and maybe eggs (the jury is still out on the eggs though).

Vegetarian food is good, you do get all the nutrients you need, and no, you don’t get hungry right after a meal if you know how to cook. And whatever you’ve been told, you don’t need meat!

Anyway, I’m not a missionary for vegetarian food! I just want to say that as experiments go, this isn’t bad. Try it for a week, and you might feel better (or not). The only problem is, if you’re not used to eating a lot of beans and lentils, you might get gas.

If anyone want me to, I’ll be happy to share the recipes.

For the record: This has nothing to do with “cute animals” or “meat is murder”, it’s just an experiment to see if I’m feeling different after a meatless week.


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