A bit of everything

First of all, I’m on day four of my vegetarian experiment, and I feel good! Today I’m making lasagne, both because it’s good, and to have food with me at the late shift tomorrow. The lasagne will be a far cry from vegan, but it’ll be vegetarian, so I’m happy about it.

Secondly, the Russians! I’m sorry, but I can’t take those guys serious anymore. Talk about doing it wrong! The world is filled with LGBT people, and what does the Russians do? Ban them, prosecute them, kill them, but let’s not talk too loud about it, because they’ll host the olympics! Screw the olympics! Start treating people right, and I might be interested in sports again!

Next topic: Doctor Who! I think the twelft doctor will be fucking awesome!

Fourth: I went by a toy store today. Nope, I don’t have kids, so I don’t shop there a lot. I got a nephew and a niece, so I’ve done some shopping earlier, and I’m amazed! Girls are PINK!! Boys are BLUE!! Girls like dolls, jewelry, and sweet things like cooking on a plastic stove and shit while boys like guns, scary looking stuff, and football (soccer to you Americans). I’ve noticed before, but it was kinda flung in my face today, when a little girl (four or five perhaps) was crying because she didn’t want the pink princess jewelry plastic crap, she wanted a football, and her mother told her that good little girls don’t play football because they don’t get dirty! I wanted to slap her! (The mother, not the daughter!) If a girl wants to play in the mud, let her! If a boy wants to sew clothes for his dolls, let him! Screw society and it’s gender separated bullshit!


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