It’s God’s will, or maybe His plan!

What does a dead child, a roadside bomb, a winning football team, and a new job have in common? Nothing, you might say, and I’ll agree. Other people on the other hand might say it’s God’s will, or a part of God’s plan!


Yes, God’s plan! The invisible sky wizard has a plan for everything that happens. Good or bad!

A child dies – God needed another angel. What a bastard! Oh, some might say it wasn’t God’s will, it was Satan! This means that the omnipotent God is a bit less omnipotent after all, and thus no God.

A roadside bomb goes off, killing (for the sake of argument) four american soldiers. According to Taliban, this was God’s work. Allah akbar, or something. According to the US gov’t this was an act of evil. According to Westboro Baptist Church this was God’s way of telling the USA how dissappointed he is with the American gays. Who’s to trust? I’m thinking that such an act is 100% human. And I don’t have room here for the long discussion on who is right, and who is wrong. I’ll leave it to this: I think it’s wrong to kill people, no matter what!

A football team wins an important match. God must’ve been on their side, because they had a prayer before the whistle. Just like the other team had, and they lost. Let’s say, again for the sake of argument, that God helped one team win. During the match, several children dies from starvation, disease, and war. I guess God is a sucker for soccer!

You want a new job, and you get down on your knees. (No, I’m not talking about that naughty way…) You pray, and after a while you’ve landed a much better job than the one you had. So you get down on you knees again, thanking God for blessing you. Meanwhile a lot of people have been sacked, losing their income. God really works in mysteriously ways…

Or maybe there is no God? Children die, war kills people, in a football match one team normally wins, and if your resume is any good, you might land a better job.


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