I never saw THAT coming!

I’m not sure what happened today, but I’ll try to put it in writing. As you might know, I’ve been on a vegetarian dinner week this week, and today I had gone seven days without meat. (I’ve had diary products and eggs though, but no meat.) I decided to break my meatfree week with a couple of slices of pizza. One with pepperoni, and the other with bacon, so I went to Pizza Hut and got the two slice menu.

Here’s the strange part! Seconds after having paid for the meal, I started to feel… strange. I thought it might be because I was looking forward to pizza, but as I walked from the counter to the table, it grew, and I recognised the feeling as a mix between guilt and sadness, mixedwith a bit of defeat! How about that? I ate the slices, I feeling so completely stupid, and it didn’t even taste as good as I remembered. I’ve been trying to analyze these feelings, and the only conclusion I can reach is this:

Eating vegetarian food for a full week made me think about food again. Recipes had to be found, groceries had to be bought (and I must say it’s an awesome feeling looking at your groceries realizing they are all superhealthy!), the new recepies had to be cooked, and new dishes had to be eaten. I love to cook, but before this experiment I only made the same few dishes, and I ate a lot of take-away.

Another side effect with the vegetarian week is that the last few days I’ve felt awesome! My body has felt lighter than usual, I’ve been happier with myself than in a long time, and I’ve loved it! I’m not sure if this feeling is sort of a placebo effect, or if it’s real, but I like it!

I am now wondering if I should try another week, just to see if it is true that it helps or not…


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2 responses to “I never saw THAT coming!”

  1. Ani D says :

    Going meat-free has made me feel so much better than when I consumed meat. I feel lighter and I have much more energy! If you miss meat, maybe try going vegetarian 4-5 days/week. That way it is not so threatening to always be conscious of what you are eating, but you still reap a lot of the health and economic benefits of going meatless.

    • Tittan says :

      I might have written the blog a bit different from how I feel, and I think that’s because English is my second language. Thing is, I’m not threathened by not eating meat, I actually feel it’s better for me, and I’d like to continue not eating meat 🙂

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