A little fun with religious homophobes

You should ask every believer you know, that is against gay rights: “If God hates gay people so much, why does He keep making them?”
When the believer answers “It’s a choice they made!” Ask them “When did you choose to be straight?”


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4 responses to “A little fun with religious homophobes”

  1. Clare Flourish says :

    Actually, for God’s good creation and command to multiply, homosexuality makes far more sense. Heterosexuality produces unplanned children in the most desperate circumstances. All the children of gay people are planned and loved.

  2. Itaaki says :

    Not starting a debate about whether homosexuality is consistent with religion but…that isn’t a logical argument. The same question can be asked of murderers, rapists, or other people who commit grave sins. I only use those examples because they are people who we can both agree are doing something wrong.

    A religious scholar was once talking about how saddened he was from seeing an interview by an 8 year old girl who had been a victim of human trafficking. She had been forced to work in brothels for 10+ hours everyday. The scholar kept saying, how do you explain to this girl the concept of God’s infinite mercy…how do you teach her what mercy is. The reason it is so difficult for us to understand is because most of us don’t ever contemplate about the nature of our souls. Our souls are infinite. Our souls transcend our bodies. Some of us will feel more pain in this world…that pain is only given to those who can bear it, and it has meaning and value for our souls. That understand let us know that anything we think that is bad that may happen to us…is a blessing and at times we just may not have the right perspective to know why.

    From a religious perspective, perhaps it can be said that the homosexual urges are a test for those people…just as others have different tests.

    this life is temporary…our greatest asset is our love for God.

    • Tittan says :

      Thank you for the reply. I read it, and now I have a few questions:

      Why explain God to an eight year old who has been dragged through crap nobody should see?
      Telling her that “some of us will feel more pain in this world” is not helping her. It is only making her believe that she was supposed to be exploited in unnameable ways, adding to the psychological wounds she’s already suffered!

      As for the “soul”. I’m sorry, but we don’t have any. We are what we are, and then we die. There is nothing that lives on, or trancends out body. When we die, we’re dead, and that’s ok because it’s how it works. We were ‘dead’ for billions of years before getting born, and we will be ‘dead’ for billions of years after we die. Like it or not, but being ‘dead’ is the normal state of being…

      That said, we ahouldn’t strive for death while living, but work relentlessly so eight year old girls don’t have to suffer through the one in your example.

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