It’s their own fault!

“It’s their own fault…” This is one of the sentences that should come with a trigger warning if it’s said around me, and her’s why.

A woman, drug user, but still a human being, was dragged out of the mall yesterday. Right outside the mall, one of the security guards punched her in the stomac so she fell down. Her crime? She was trying to withdraw her own money, from her own account! She didn’t raise her voice, nor did she look at people in a weird way. She wanted her own money, so she could buy stuff. Maybe she wanted to buy drugs, maybe she wanted to buy bread. I don’t care, and it’s irrellevant for this discussion. Did they have to drag her away like that? Did they have the right to punch her? I don’t know that either, and again it’s irrelevant for my discussion.

Two people in the crowd reacted. Only two. Two people from a crowd of many. Two people I respect, and I am happy to call them friends! They filmed the incident with their phone, and told the security guards what they thought about the situation. (Needless to say, they didn’t like it at all.) The security guards told them to mind their own business, and stay out of their way while they were working. Now, here’s where my discussion is!

What did the rest do? Most likely, they minded their own business, because “it’s her fault, being a druggie and all…” Her. Own. Fault.

Now, is it her own fault? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. I don’t think she sat way back when she was in school writing on her assignment – “What do I want to be as a grown up” – “When I grow up, I’d like to be one of the cool people who shoot heroin, smoke crack, and does other drugs. I would love to have no money, no job, and an addiction!”

Not bloody likely!

I think this woman took a few wrong turns a few times, and it all snowballed from there. As a child, I’m sure she wanted to be a nurse, police officer, politican, whatever, just like we all did. She didn’t plan for a life with drugs. No way.

I don’t like living in a society where people don’t stand up for the “little people”, and where security guards, police, and other can do whatever they like to people who’s been unlucky in life.


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