Who are you?

I know who I am, and I’ll give you a summary in a bit. I hope you’d take the time to give me a summary of your life in a comment, so I can see what kind of people stumble upon my blog.
This will make it easier for me to tune in to the audience. If nobody is interested in, say roller derby, I might not write about it. (Religion is not included, as this blog started as an atheist blog, and will continue as one.)

Please write a few lines, as I’m interested in getting to know you.

A bit about me:

I’m Norwegian, 38 years old, and I have a full time job. I live with my girlfriend, and has done so since 2008 in an appartment we’ve bought. (But it’s mostly owned by the bank…) I have worked as a professional photographer, but photography is a hobby at the moment. As is roller derby, where I am a referee. I used to play the drumset in a lot of different punk bands, but even if you’re from my hometown I doubt you’ve heard about any of them (maybe Nasty Reputation though, as they’re still active, with a new drummer). I have no kids, nor pets, and I love history.

That’s me, how about you?


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