Sore Winners

Norway is one of the better nations to live in, we Norwegians are among the happiest, and most content people in the world according to surveys. The last eight years, we’ve had a red-green gouvernment, based around Labour, Centre Party, and Socialist Left Party, and from day one, quite litterally, the supporters of a blue alternative started bitching about how bad it would be. Not all of them, of course, but if you read comments in any newspaper, after any article, you’d see someone who blamed the red-green coalition for whatever they felt like.

Well, yesterday we had an election, and we wake up today with the blue alternative. The Conservative Party will be in charge, and will most likely get support from the Progress Party. As you can guess, the bitching has started already. The weird thing is, this time it’s actually both sides that bitch. And those on the red-green side bitch less than those on the blue side even if they lost the elections!

The leader of the Progress Party, a party that is 40 years old, and have never been in charge, said “Morna, Jens” yesterday. In itself, not a bad thing – “morna” is slang for “goodbye”, and “Jens” is the last prime minister’s first name. But, when the leader of the Conservatives spent parts of her speech thanking Jens Stoltenberg and Labour for the work they’ve done the last eight years, the leader of the Progress Party had nothing good to say at all. Just “morna Jens!” That’s how she is, that’s who she is, that’s the way her followers are – they nag, they sink low, they hardly ever debate by telling us what and how they think, but by telling us what the others do wrong, and they parrot each other. For the last eight years, this parroting has been: “I blame the red-green coalition”. It will be interesting to see what they’ll say in a few months.

Anyway, I’m calling the blue supporters sore winners. They won, and they should be allowed to be happy, but there’s no need rubbing it in you know…


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2 responses to “Sore Winners”

  1. Kaufman's Kavalkade says :

    A happy place to live and beautiful women. Can’t beat that.

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