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People sometimes post pictures and cartoons on Facebooks, funny stuff about how they don’t like, or even hates Mondays. For some reason, many of them with Garfield.

Well, I’m not joining that choir. Mondays are, like them or not, there to stay. Actually, one seventh of your life will be Mondays. I bet you hadn’t thought of that, huh? Every seventh day is a Monday, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I do understand the reasons why some people don’t like Mondays though. You’ve had the weekend off from work, maybe had some quality time with the family, perhaps been to a party (or two), been at the theater, eaten at a fancy restaurant, met friends, or one or more of the various things people do during the weekend. Heck, you’ve maybe even been to church. And now it’s Monday, and life is pulling you back to work, where you’ll have to deal with the stressful week ahead, where the phone rings constantly to remind you of the deadline you had on Friday, but didn’t make, the boss tells you to hurry up, or maybe you have to start the Monday in line for the security checkpoint at the airport because you’ve got endless meetings in another city?

Here’s what I’m thinking. The weekend is great, but without the salary I’m pulling in during the week, weekends would be dull. So, Mondays is when I start making money to be able to relax during the weekends. And who said you can’t spend some quality time with family or friends during a weekday? Perhaps you should schedule something fun this afternoon to make the Monday feel shorter? I have done just that, so this weekend I actually looked forwards to Monday!

It’s one seventh of your life! Deal with it!



“Blasphemy” is a flawed concept. It’s illogical that an omnipotent deity would want to protect itself from criticism from its own creations. We are taught “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Is that concept too difficult for god to grasp?

Blasphemy is a victimless crime.