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I never saw THAT coming!

I’m not sure what happened today, but I’ll try to put it in writing. As you might know, I’ve been on a vegetarian dinner week this week, and today I had gone seven days without meat. (I’ve had diary products and eggs though, but no meat.) I decided to break my meatfree week with a couple of slices of pizza. One with pepperoni, and the other with bacon, so I went to Pizza Hut and got the two slice menu.

Here’s the strange part! Seconds after having paid for the meal, I started to feel… strange. I thought it might be because I was looking forward to pizza, but as I walked from the counter to the table, it grew, and I recognised the feeling as a mix between guilt and sadness, mixedwith a bit of defeat! How about that? I ate the slices, I feeling so completely stupid, and it didn’t even taste as good as I remembered. I’ve been trying to analyze these feelings, and the only conclusion I can reach is this:

Eating vegetarian food for a full week made me think about food again. Recipes had to be found, groceries had to be bought (and I must say it’s an awesome feeling looking at your groceries realizing they are all superhealthy!), the new recepies had to be cooked, and new dishes had to be eaten. I love to cook, but before this experiment I only made the same few dishes, and I ate a lot of take-away.

Another side effect with the vegetarian week is that the last few days I’ve felt awesome! My body has felt lighter than usual, I’ve been happier with myself than in a long time, and I’ve loved it! I’m not sure if this feeling is sort of a placebo effect, or if it’s real, but I like it!

I am now wondering if I should try another week, just to see if it is true that it helps or not…


A bit of everything

First of all, I’m on day four of my vegetarian experiment, and I feel good! Today I’m making lasagne, both because it’s good, and to have food with me at the late shift tomorrow. The lasagne will be a far cry from vegan, but it’ll be vegetarian, so I’m happy about it.

Secondly, the Russians! I’m sorry, but I can’t take those guys serious anymore. Talk about doing it wrong! The world is filled with LGBT people, and what does the Russians do? Ban them, prosecute them, kill them, but let’s not talk too loud about it, because they’ll host the olympics! Screw the olympics! Start treating people right, and I might be interested in sports again!

Next topic: Doctor Who! I think the twelft doctor will be fucking awesome!

Fourth: I went by a toy store today. Nope, I don’t have kids, so I don’t shop there a lot. I got a nephew and a niece, so I’ve done some shopping earlier, and I’m amazed! Girls are PINK!! Boys are BLUE!! Girls like dolls, jewelry, and sweet things like cooking on a plastic stove and shit while boys like guns, scary looking stuff, and football (soccer to you Americans). I’ve noticed before, but it was kinda flung in my face today, when a little girl (four or five perhaps) was crying because she didn’t want the pink princess jewelry plastic crap, she wanted a football, and her mother told her that good little girls don’t play football because they don’t get dirty! I wanted to slap her! (The mother, not the daughter!) If a girl wants to play in the mud, let her! If a boy wants to sew clothes for his dolls, let him! Screw society and it’s gender separated bullshit!

A simple recipe from vegetarian week

As you probably know, I’m currently on a vegetarian dinner week, just to try it, and I’d like to share a delicious vegetarian recipe I cooked today.

(2-3 servings)
Half a broccoli in pieces
2 pieces of garlig, chopped
1 tablespoon dried chili (I couldn’t find it, so I used fresh chili)
ca 8 dl pasta of choice
A couple of handfulls of green peas
A handfull of sugar peas

1. Boil broccoli for 3-4 minutes.
2. While broccoli boils, fry garlic and chili in a dash of sunflower oil.
3. Add the boiled broccoli to the frying pan, and lower the temperature.
4. Boil the pasta al-dente in the water you used for the broccoli.
5. Add pasta and peas to the frying pan. Let it sit for a while.
6. Add sugar peas, taste with salt and pepper.

Garnish with basel and parmesan (skip the cheese, and I guess you’ve got a vegan meal!).