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Skateistan – Afghanistan Girl Skaters

Afghanistan is in my mind a place of war. Some place where people kill each other because it’s what they do. Where foreign soldiers have come to either “settle a score” (like the Sovjet invasion in -79) or to “bring democracy” (like when the US and friends attacked the Taliban). No matter why people send soldiers to Afghanistan, it’s the Afghan people who suffer the most.

When Taliban took over, the Afghan people stood no chance. Girls should be kept out of sight, education should be kept at a minimum, if it’s not Islam it’s evil and should be removed (like the Buddha statues Taliban blew up in 2001). Afghanistan became a theocracy, led by really fanatical people.

The operations led by the US have thrown the Taliban out, at least from most of Afghanistan, and now people are able to live a bit more free. There’s still a long way to go, as we saw not two months ago when Malala Yousafzai (14) got shot for wanting to go to school, but hopefully life will be easier for the average Afghan in the future.

Videos like the one about Skateistan helps me believe in the Afghan people! Letting girls not only go to school, but skate on skateboards! That is just awesome when you think about where the girls live! And, as an old skateboarder, and current roller derby referee, I say skating is great! It isĀ  both a great physical and mental training, and doing something like this with other people is a great way to make friends. Education, and sound hobbies – that’s the way to go to get rid of theocracies like Taliban’s Afghanistan!