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When Religion Rule

What happens when religion runs free, when fanatics get to be in charge, and the priests and mullah’s get to run the show?

If you think of the dark ages you are on the right track, but this happens now in parts of the world. In the northern parts of Mali, as an example, sharia laws are been used to stone unmarried couples, and amputate alledged thieves. Any “deviant” might be singled out and hurt, tortured, or killed. In the name of religion, of course. REF

What makes these fanatics think they are right when doing these horrible things? Again, religion! Or their version of religion.

It did happen in Europe during the dark ages, and it does still happen in Africa and parts of Asia.

How about this: Stop it! Let people live in peace, even if they think different.


The Road To Hell…

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, I don’t believe in hell, but sometimes I think the buddhists are right: Hell is here on Earth!

In Pakistan, and other societies with a fundamentalistic muslim foundation, parents kill and maim their children (mostly their daughters) because the child has “dishonored” the family. Like in this story:

15 year old daughter held down by the mother, while the father pours acid over her. 70% of her body was burned, and still they waited around 24 hours to bring her to the hospital. Needless to sat, the girl died. Her crime? She had been seen talking with a young man…

Honor! Killing your daughter will never be a honorable thong to do. Ever! Nor will pouring acid over her be. Nor stoning her for kissing a young man on the cheek.

Actually, even if your daughter screws the football team, while streaming it online, there will be no honor in killing her! You just don’t maim or kill your daughter!!

Note: I’m not saying all pakistani, or muslim parents kill their daughters! Nor that all muslims think it’s right.

School Shooting II

I’ve written about Bryan Fisher’s stupid comments, and how angry he made me. Well, the’s not alone.

Not only are there shootings in schools because schools don’t teach the word of god, but also because they teach evolution and “how to be gay”.

I wish all the religious nutters could tear their heads out of their arses, and realize that there’s no smell of shit on the outside!!

Yes, schools teach evolution, as it is the most plausible theory when it comes to how life came to be. No, we don’t teach creationism, as the theory is not plausible!
No, schools does not teach children to become gay, but school should teach children that some people are gay, and that it is ok to be LGBT.

Sometimes, I just feel like all my faith in humanity drains out of my body!

Intelligent Design

Today, I went to the dentist to remove a wisdom tooth, and it got me thinking. What is so intelligent with a wisdom tooth? It seems to me, most people have trouble with theirs, and when I asked the dentist, he said he’d pulled quite a few over his carreer.

Intelligent design is a form of creationism, where people believe there are a “grand designer”, or an “archicect”, or perhaps an “inventor” who has made everything. You know, god. This designer has made everything, from the stars in the sky, to the mountains, the animals, the plants, and of course the humans. No believer in intelligent design thinks the theory of evolution is right, as it – to them – clearly can’t have happened since everything is designed. A common thing you’ll hear from one of these if you say you believe in evolution is: “Well, was your grandmother an ape?” Well, no – humans evolved into homo sapiens over thousands of years – tens of thousands of years – so of course she wasn’t an ape, or a monkey.

Another thing they commonly state is that Darwin dismissed the theory of evolution on his death bed. The “Lady Hope Story”, published in 1915, claimed that Darwin had reverted to Christianity on his sickbed. The claims were repudiated by Darwin’s children and have been dismissed as false by historians.” (REF)

Anyway, I’m not writing about how the intelligent design guys try to ridicule the theory of evolution. I write this to ridicule the intelligen design theory. No, not really ridicule, but I wish to write a few things that I feel doesn’t compute with an intelligent designer. Wisdom teeth for once. There’s no point having a tooth (or four) growing wildly into your other teeth, so you have to pull it. If our mouth was designed by someone intelligent, the wisdom teeth would always come out right. Not to mention the enamel. Why isn’t it strong enough to withstand whatever we eat? Why do we get cavities?

“You get cavities because you eat stuff you’re not supposed to, like a lot of sugar!” Well, yes. That’s correct, but if the tooth were designed by someone really intelligent, why didn’t they think of sugar? Or that people chew on anything. I’ve seen people chew on metal nails, breaking their teeth. Why not make the enamel really strong? Diamond strong?

Another thing that makes me unable to believe in intelligent design is the vermiform appendix. You know, the little guy sitting in your guts, where you might get acute appendictis. Something that might kill you if you don’t treat it. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t have the exact numbers on how many people’s appenixes rupture, but I do know that when it does, you’re in a hurry to get surgery.

The intelligent designer should’ve also made my hair so it doesn’t fall off. I’m sure you know what I mean. I’m a guy getting closer to 40, and my hair is getting a lot thinner. I’ve also developed a blank spot on my scalp. If there was an intelligent designer, why did he put this crap in his design?

There are a lot more to this, but as I’ve pulled a wisdom tooth today, I’ll wait with the rest of my rant until I’m off painkillers. Have a great week!

Heavenly Heaven!

Many religions have a version of heaven. A place where you go after death, if you did behave a certain way while you lived of course. I mean, if you plundered, pillaged, shared you mead with the gods, and died by the sword, you’d go to Valhalla, where you could fight all day, and feast all night! At least if you lived in a Nordic country some thousand years ago. I’m not sure if today’s Asatru believers die by the sword to be able to go to Valhalla… I’ll ask my friend who is a gode (a priestess) of the Asatru religion.

This is a “familiar” heaven: A pearly gate, with a man or angel, clouds, harps, white robes, a throne with a bearded man, another throne to his right for his son, choirs singing, no pain, no sorrow, and your family and friends are there too. Yes, the christian heaven. I’ve always wondered: since I don’t believe, I don’t get to go. My mum does believe, so she’s going the second she passes. But, she’s been promised she’ll meet all her friends and family, and I’m not coming. How does this work out?
I’ve got a few theories. (Of course I do!)
Theory 1: The Virtual Me. God makes a virtual copy of me, he is after all allmighty, but a copy without the atheism. A fake me, to keep my poor old mum happy.
Theory 2: God wipes her memory. It’s like I never existed. Bad god!
Theory 3: There is no heaven.

I must admit I don’t know much of the muslim heaven. It’s also a happy place for the true believers, where everybody is the same age (around 33 years old I think), and they have banquets, and stuff. The whole 72 virgins thing is as far as I know only for martyrs, people who have sacrificed a lot, for instance through jihad. (It’s not from the Qua’ran though, but the Hadith (traditional sayings traced to Muhammad.)) Well, I suppose there are more to the muslim version of heaven, but I’ll have to read up on it. I doubt I’d get an invite anyway…

In judaism, the holy book, the Torah, doesn’t really mention an afterlife. What happens when jews die? Apparently, their soul waits patiently for the messiah. After the return of massiah, and god’s judgement, all righteous jews, both living and dead, will live in Olam Ha Ba – sort of earth 2.0. In other words, an idyllic version of earth.
There is also the story of heaven and hell, but not from the Torah, where people sit at huge banquets. Trouble is, nobody can bend their elbows. Thus, the selfish bastards in hell starve, while the righteous in heaven eat as they help each other. Funny twist, if I may say so!

To sum this up, here’s a clip from youtube. It’s a panel that discusses heaven, and it ends rather abruptly with an atheist’s statement. Enjoy!

School shooting

I don’t know where to start, I’m so angry right now!

How can a man go into a school and shoot children? How is it possible for me to understand that? The guy clearly had issues, but shooting innocent children? Nothing has ever improved by killing a child!

But, the thing that makes me even more angry, is when the pompuos bastard Bryan Fisher states that “God didn’t protect the children because he’s a gentleman!” According to Fisher, god has been told the last 50 years that he’s not welcome in schools, so he stays away when needed. “All-loving, caring, father” my ass! If god reacts like that, he’s like a five year old who doesn’t get candy for dinner!

Bryan Fisher, can you, hand on heart, tell me that you really believe these children would still be alive if the schools still had prayer? That you don’t see anything fishy with that statement? That your so-called benign god, who is “eternal” say: “Fuck it! I’m not welcome, so let them get shot!” after a mere 50 years? (The worst part is, I think he would look me straight in the eye, and say this without blinking!)

Well, if you can say that, I can say this: Fuck your god! A god like that isn’t even worth a fraction of a thought!

Skateistan – Afghanistan Girl Skaters

Afghanistan is in my mind a place of war. Some place where people kill each other because it’s what they do. Where foreign soldiers have come to either “settle a score” (like the Sovjet invasion in -79) or to “bring democracy” (like when the US and friends attacked the Taliban). No matter why people send soldiers to Afghanistan, it’s the Afghan people who suffer the most.

When Taliban took over, the Afghan people stood no chance. Girls should be kept out of sight, education should be kept at a minimum, if it’s not Islam it’s evil and should be removed (like the Buddha statues Taliban blew up in 2001). Afghanistan became a theocracy, led by really fanatical people.

The operations led by the US have thrown the Taliban out, at least from most of Afghanistan, and now people are able to live a bit more free. There’s still a long way to go, as we saw not two months ago when Malala Yousafzai (14) got shot for wanting to go to school, but hopefully life will be easier for the average Afghan in the future.

Videos like the one about Skateistan helps me believe in the Afghan people! Letting girls not only go to school, but skate on skateboards! That is just awesome when you think about where the girls live! And, as an old skateboarder, and current roller derby referee, I say skating is great! It is  both a great physical and mental training, and doing something like this with other people is a great way to make friends. Education, and sound hobbies – that’s the way to go to get rid of theocracies like Taliban’s Afghanistan!